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Financial Advisors

Did you know that 50% of our industry is over the age of 55? More importantly, only 6% of planners have had a professional valuation done on their practice*. If you are a financial advisor then give us a call to discuss the transition of your practice. We can discuss the first steps:

• Evaluate your choices

• Set goals and timelines

• Choose your successors

• Have your practice valued

Succession planning is more than turning over your practice. With proper planning, we can help ensure that your levels of service and client value will not only be maintained but augmented. With our high ethical standards, infrastructure, support and competency we are in a unique position to take diligent care of your clients and continue your legacy. 

Let’s have an honest and open discussion to determine the best way to take care of clients and help fund your retirement. The sooner you start the process the more control you will have.

*Source: FP Transitions news letter 02/2012