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Leal Deddens, CFP®, CRPC®

Leal Deddens, CFP®, CRPC®

Wealth Planning Advisor

A seasoned wealth planning advisor with a passion for working with pre-retirees, retirees, and business
owners, Leal specializes in helping you navigate the complex world of money. Leal is committed to managing
your wealth, planning for your future, and helping solve problems during life’s most difficult - and exciting -

Leal’s mission is simple: to provide guidance throughout your wealth journey by assembling all the pieces
of your financial puzzle together seamlessly so you can pursue a more prosperous future.
Growing up with limited financial resources, Leal learned early on the value of careful planning and money
management. This experience ignited his desire to help others organize and plan for life's needs, wants, and

Leal begins by listening to your stories, learning about your family dynamics, understanding your aspirations,
and gaining clarity about your core values. From there, he digs deeper to examine your financial priorities,
investments, and estate planning goals to paint a comprehensive picture of where you stand today.

By utilizing his cutting-edge Lifetime Income ModelTM retirement income distribution tool, Leal will craft
a customized approach to guide you through the market’s ebbs and flows. By fulfilling immediate income
needs while helping allow other assets time to grow, Leal will coordinate your income requirements across your
lifetime. This strategy transcends age, focusing instead on maximizing the lifespan of your financial resources,
to help ensure your money is always working for you.

The result is a plan and portfolio that aligns with your needs and supports your vision of success, both
today and in the years to come. Continuously monitoring all aspects of your plan, Leal will make necessary
adjustments to ensure you stay on track as your needs evolve.

What truly sets Leal apart as your advisor is his unwavering dedication to your financial well-being. When
you choose to work with Leal and his team, you are collaborating with trusted partners who genuinely care
about your future.

Outside of the office, Leal’s favorite pastimes include spending quality time with his wife and supporting
their children’s interests in gymnastics and lacrosse. An avid golfer, Leal also enjoys hitting the links with
family and friends.


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CRPC conferred by College for Financial Planning.

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